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Events & Celebrations

Día de la Independencia

Independence Day September 16
Hacienda de Letras is filled with music, traditional food, wine and surprises during this date and the night of September 15.

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day. Hacienda de Letras offers a unique space with wonderful experiences to celebrate with special blind, sensory tastings, picnics, romantic dinners in the cellar, tours and tastings through the vineyards and other activities to spend the most phenomenal day.


October 31st
Halloween afternoon to enjoy with family and friends in Hacienda de Letras! Celebration in El Greco Restaurant next to the vineyards an afternoon with music in the middle of the costume contest and participation to win incredible prizes.

Legend Evenings

November 1st
Experience to enjoy with family or friends listening to music and watching live shows of urban legends throughout the day


A picnic among vineyards is an extraordinary wine tourism experience for everyone in a unique environment, in contact with nature and with the best wines of quality and taste.

Romantic Dinners

Enjoy with your significant other a romantic dinner with flower petals, candles and a bottle of wine in the spectacular wine cellar of Hacienda de Letras

Mother’s Day

Hacienda de Letras celebrates the tradition with a lot of affection, and you can enjoy in the vineyards and in the restaurant a special day full of music and atmosphere around the outdoor landscapes that Hacienda has for you.

Father’s Day

Celebration and tribute dedicated to fathers. What’s important is that we have a day to honor our dads, to tell them how much we love them. We are waiting for you at Hacienda de Letras to enjoy a family day.

Christmas Inns


Celebrate a typical Mexican Christmas tradition in an atmosphere of union and joy. Hacienda de Letras offers different options for you to organize your traditional inn full of decoration, details, and surprises.

New Year’s Eve in Hacienda de Letras

We celebrate with the Mexican traditions that exist in Hacienda de Letras to celebrate the New Year. We wait for you to live an experience full of joy and lots of wine. HAPPY NEW YEAR

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